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Tracking, Artist Sit-In, Business Talk, Collaboration Posted on 2017-04-18 by Paul Mitchel

Had another good session last week. The sitting artist's stage name was Ilvekyo - a very interesting blend of acoustic and electric guitar, soft and hard-hitting vocals, and midi/sampled instruments all coming together to make a very rich palette of sound. He was in contention for a Juno this year (Juno awards are like the Canadian Grammys) and said unambiguously that he was trying to win a Juno this year.

We tracked some of his guitar (see attached) and added vocals to the bridge, chorus, and outro sections of a couple of his songs. This guy can really shred the vocals - for obvious reasons I didn't want to pull out my phone to record during that particular session; can't be messing with someone's mojo.

Another artist, Sean (who fronts a band called Silvercreek) was adding input from the sidelines. These guys and Eric know each other well and it was cool to see the interchange of ideas and feeling. Also, there were chats about greater industry workings, booking shows and venues, and collaborative chats - all very eye opening experiences from somone on the outside looking in. I tried not to look too awkward doing my main duty of shutting the eff up - although Ilvekyo did ask my opinion on a couple of things, to my satisfied surprise.

As an assignment earlier in the program, I had mixed one of his already-released songs so it was very cool to finally meet him.

Looking forward to moving forward.


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