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Week 2 Posted on 2015-07-30 by Aidan Gerety

Week 2 has been a little more eventful then week 1. I helped out around the studio by helping Tom set up the practice room for a small kids band. Also, had the opportunity to sit in and watch Tom record an artist in the studio. The artist was a spanish singer and was doing a cover. Getting to see how Tom recorded in Logic gave me a good general idea of what to expect when I start using Logic too. Tom and I also went over connectivity and how the whole studio is actually set up. Learning why balanced and unbalanced differ was something I never knew or the fact that an ethernet cable is used to hook up headphones. I also didn't know how to properly tie up a cables so Tom was nice enough to show me how to. Also, it was pretty cool learning the importance of speaker placement and how to get the most of your music. 

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