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Sound and Hearing Posted on 2013-12-27 by Derrick Massey

1) Date of Session: 12-27-2013
2) Time in: 12:23pm
3) Time out: 12:45pm
4) Lesson #: 1 Sound and Hearing 

I learned that the human body does more then what I actually thought at one time. Right now I have over hundreds organs working at the same time. I also learned that our ears are one of the most important organ in the human body. I learned how sound is made possible through the vibrations of an object displacing the air molecules around it. When air is displaced our ears can recongize sound pressure waves from all objects thats familiar with the brain. 

Acutally understanding how my ears work was sumthing that I found to be very interesting. The process on how the ears can hear a sound and convert the sound into data that our brains can manage while doing everything else was sumthing competely incredible to me. We as humans sumtimes take our hearing for granted and abuse this organ but listening to loud music thats over the normal 100db rate over a maxiunm of 30 minutes at its full volume.

The brain is way more complex then what people think from controlling all 5 sense to sending and receiving data every second of the day. Understanding the masking effect that our brains do on a daily basis blocking out low sounds for louder sounds for survival purposes was very interesting and now knowing the process and why the process happens gives me a closer look on my hearing and how I adapt to the environment around me.


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