Brandon SkylarPhiladelphia Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

As a native of the Lehigh Valley, home of the world-renound Musikfest, music has always been a huge part of my life. I would always love seeing the men and women of the music industry display their talents for everyone to enjoy. As I grew up, I met a few talented people and honed my skills as a musician, with guitar being my primary instrument, I was part of a few music projects, played countless shows and loved every minute of it. I've written and recorded handfuls of songs and dedicated many hours to transcribing client's music and giving them tangible copies of their imaginative musical masterpieces. I am happy to say I've had many opportunities to flourish as an industry professional. I was even able to sit down with the legendary Grammy award-winning Steve Vai and have a short Q&A about his life and how to succeed in the music business, or in anything, for that matter. With every new opportunity that unfolds for me, I find myself more and more enraptured with the music world and those involved.


Brandon Skylar