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Hi, my name is Andrew Kline. I am from Oley, PA. I am majoring in Audio Engineering through recording connections. My mentor is John Digiacomo. My goal is to become a audio engineer and to get a job in that line of work. My view of working is that you have to work hard to get where you want to go. Nothing is given to you. I plan on becoming a audio engineer and to keep expanding my knowledge and experience. My knowledge of music is great. I play musical instruments and I have written music before in my life. In high school I took an advanced place music theory course that has helped me further my knowledge in music. My experience in music has been a variety of things. I have written music, performed in various ensemble's, and studied music.

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Andrew Kline

Chapter 5Posted by Andrew Kline on 2015-10-05

This week has been even better than the last one. This week was about microphones. The history of them, the different types, and different brands and models... Read More >>