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April 30th The Return of Uncle Joey Posted on 2014-05-02 by Thomas White

Gone for awhile but back at it, I was once back in the Chrystal Clear temple, it had been some time since my last meeting due to personal issues. But being back in the presence was more exciting then my first day there. On April 30th we went over the chapter of Digtal Audio he broke down the conncept of the "Nyquist Thereom" in simpleist form stating that there whole method behind it was to understand certain levels of frequency. It will be brought to more depth in Lesson 13, also explained  he went in to the overview of Digital Verse Analog , explaining back before the digital era was introduced in the 1990s there was tape reel breaking down the cost, rules that went into the recording process from having to re-do a whole tape wheel or cut and mark with yellow chalk the segment that needed to be scratch out, kind of  in a way as if you were playing with turntables till you cleared that unwanted noise. Compared to digital, where all we have to do is hit command "A" to highlight and command "X" to cut in protools.  Which made me think if there would be so many home studios espicially considering the prices used for that editing era. But also uncle Joey gravitated to Mp3 and explaing the formatiton in Mp3. Also Mp3's changing for  better qualityand all around how it made sending audio so much easier. His first expierence , which was amazing one considering that it was something he had to work with thanks to Atlantic Records and member of Wu-tang Redman. Lastly, he broke down the important part of understanding not saving to your internal drive and always having your external drive ready to rock and roll. Your session or whole set up crashing can be a bad thing and very expensive determing on how all the work was presented  to you or put in your hands. Looseing the work of others might have to be paid back to the people behind the project. So always remember to stay external haha.

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May 7th The Most important piece of equipment. Posted by Thomas White on 2014-05-15

On May seventh, Uncle Joey and I toched on the chapter that revolved around microphones. The piece of equipment that adds to the sound of an artist as well as seperates their sound, with all the diffrent types of mics from Dynamic mics Condenser mics to Ribbon mics they all have a certain job that they are meant for... Read More >>