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Major: Music Production

Hi my name is Nick Drakos,

I currently enrolled in this program in hopes of growing connections within the music industry. I have been recording and producing music for the better half of a decade with Ableton & Fruitloops software and have recently been publishing my tracks onto my SoundCloud page under the name, "Paax." My genre of choice is house music and various electronic. 

I was first introduced with music at age 7 when my mother bought a baby grand for me & my brother to learn. I played for 8 years up until high school. I was without music until I graduated college and started playing guitar. From there I experimented with piano, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, harmonicas, & even random finds like ocarinas or panflutes. Everything was self-taught and soon afterwards I became obsessed with synthesizers & music production software. Now my music is recorded using a Roland TR-8 drum machine, a Korg MS-20 synthesizer, a Moog Minitaur Synthesizer & an Akai Mpk88 Midi Controller. I own a lot of equipment but those for now have been my recent go-to toys for me. 

Anyway, music is my life.


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Nick Drakos

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Headig into weeks 3 through 5, I was beginning to be more help with the studio prior to when I started. Week 3  It was fairly short but important; we discussed in depth the importance of mastering tracks with correct bit depth and sampling rates and the reasons behind why different measurements would be used whether for digital downloads or compressing into cd format... Read More >>