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Major: Music composure, Musician, Music engeneer, Mastering, Mixing, Lyric writter, Music composer


My name is Byron Martinez im 201, I am starting my own lable and dream. My logo is BMG Dream Records and I live in Aloha Oregon. I am currently inrolled at Portland underground and learning the whole music mastering,mixing, music engeneering side. After I finish this course, I will enrol into PCC to learn more music theory, composition, and work hard to get a doct. in piano guitar and drums.

I started my music career when I was only 4 and still persuing my dreams of becoming someone big in the music industry. I developed an ear ever since and have a huge passion for music. I play various instruments(piano,bass,guitar,drums,trumpet, accordian,write music,sing and everything was self taught). I have played in many different bands from salsa club bands to church bands. I have taught many people how to play. I know how to read but I stopped after freshman year due to the fact that I was way better listening and playing it. If you thow in a band ill catch on because I feel everyones groove. The types of music im into are tropical music(salsa,merengue,bachata,cumbias), R&B, EDM, Trap, hip hop, romantics, jazz, funk, and soul. I love playing and hearing choreds that catch your ears. Its all about the thing that catches my ear. It grooves me up.

I know I have a gift and I have huge plans in this area, but right now my goals are to study EVERYTHING, the whole aspect of music. From buisness, to composing music for people. After im done with this course I will enroll into college to study the buisness, marketing, and advertisment side along with learning more music theory and composure. I want to be \"the main package,\" or, \"one man band.\" If I ever get a chance to show what I am really made of, I WILL BE THERE. I will never turn down a chance to get somewhere in this world doing what I love most, MUSIC. I am slowly starting my own studio at home so that I can do projects at home and eventually move up in this dream to a professional studio. The purpose in taking all of this course and much more to learn,is to, Grow as a person, in knowledge, and so that I can just be the main package anyone would want at a connection. I can play, arrange, compose, sing, rewrite, and now im learning the engeneer part. Whats next is a doct. in piano, bass, and drums! After that, I can finish learning more guitar. Thats the fun part!

If you have anything you would like to ask me, or invite me to a session or any music related event, let me know!!! I\'d love to learn as much as I can!


Byron Martinez

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Byron Martinez

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This chapter was really cool. It went through every wire needed either in the studio or when you are playing live. It went through the standard adio connectors which were: Unbalaced- 2 conductor connector(Hot&cold) Balanced- 3 conductor connector(Hot,Cold,Earth) Multi-pin connectors- alot of isolated signals going through simultaneously It also went through Analog signals & voltage which are used to pass analog signals, which are mainy low voltage electricity... Read More >>