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My name is Brandon Moore i am 22 years old and I am originally from Orlando,FL but now live in the suburbs of portland oregon. Moving 3000 miles away from my whole life to a new one was a huge expierence for me,probably the biggest in my life. I moved out here to focus on the RRF connection and have a place where my mom could retire. My passion is music and more specifically electronic music, also djing is a huge part of my life. Now its just up to me and me alone to be successful in my future,im going to work hard and with some good connections and the right people anything is possible.

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Brandon Moore

Lesson 8Posted by Brandon Moore on 2013-09-22

This week was pro tools and recoding in a live session environment. One of my best lessons so far, a band from utah in town to work with my mentor Steve and work on their album, i got to sit in on the session and learn from the best... Read More >>

Brandon Moore

Lesson 7Posted by Brandon Moore on 2013-08-14

10:00am-1:00p  This lesson was about amplifiers and more in depth with the mixing console. This lesson went pretty quick because i already knew a good amout of the info we went over but it was nice to review... Read More >>