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Major: Audio Engineer (Music Production)

As the primary teaching pastor, Pastor Scott has a passion for carefully unpacking the truths of Scripture. He has served as a Pastor for 10years. He and his wife have five children. Under the inspiration of God, Scott wrote several books to sound the alarm to the world that Christ coming is at hand and how to prepare ourselves to meet him at his coming. Scott Hinton was formally dedicated to THE GAME. He grew up in a 2 bedrooms shack which housed him his three sisters and mother. Without a male road model, isolated from love ones and family, his mother did all she could to raise her four children all alone. Later her darling little boy would one day break her heart and become one with many of the hardest gangsters that ever walked the streets of Raleigh, NC. He grew up in Southeast Raleigh, which is the roughest part in Raleigh. The gangsters’ and drug dealers became his role models, and in the projects he would became a gun slinger and drug dealer. As he suffered hard time in prison and traveled across the streets of Raleigh NC, the Lord began to prompt his mind with the mysteries of THE GAME. He began to see the nakedness of THE GAME. Though he spoke out about what was revealed to him, many saw the glory of God revealed to his mind. The glory and the glamour of the sinful drug game were all uncovered. Through God’s grace, he survived wars in the streets against stone cold killers. Now Scott has a message to the entire world that there is a savior.  Now He's back with his testomy and a message in song..

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Scott Hinton

Live RecordingPosted by Scott Hinton on 2013-12-16

Had a chance to sit and watch a live recording with my Metor and friend  Chaka. It was exciting to see him mix, this is why I'm in the School to learn how to mix and created good harmonic sounds... Read More >>

Scott Hinton

1 QuizPosted by Scott Hinton on 2013-10-29

I like to give glory to God, I aced my 1st Quiz! I am serious about this school, I have much work and goal invested in this! This is a step further to the vision God but before me... Read More >>