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My first week Posted on 2013-08-22 by Kristopher Wilson

This week has been a great first week, I spent three days in the studio! And not only that, I got to watch an artist, Spencer and engineer Willim work on a song from recording to editing. The total hours would be around 18 or more hours. I got to go for lunch with Spencer and Willim, very welcoming guys and I’ve been lucky to watch them work for this week. I've also just moved into town so this all has been a great start! On Wednesday I finished all my homework and am going to be reading on a tad in my books for next week. I also have met Adam who is a fellow student at Talking Dog Studios, me and him have already had conversations on music and software that we use. I hope that each week here gets better and that my knowledge on ProTools and sound can be added to in the following weeks.

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Kristopher Wilson

Week SixPosted by Kristopher Wilson on 2013-09-26

This week was all about more signal flow, and was quite informative in the info I read and also in the studio. Sadly one of the consoles in the studio is down so I didn't get to do as much hands on this week, but I still got to play around on the other identical one and learn where everything is and how it works... Read More >>