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Chapter Ten - Plugins & Processing and Applications Posted on 2016-11-07 by Andrew Pitts

Since work let me out early today, I completed chapter ten in my Recording Connections workbook, marking the halfway point through the lessons. The key commands are getting more difficult to remember, but I've been studying through online resources and plan to read through fully, then refer to the Pro Tools key commands reference guide whenever I am stuck, as well as use the key commands whenever possible. The information in this chapter helped me understand how powerful and versitile even the included Pro Tools plugins are, and how I can use them not only to improve the sound of tracks, but also to dramatically change every aspect about them with ease. With this information I am already able to record and make basic mixes of original projects of myself and others. Now I just need to finish the workbook and continue to gain experience in the recording industry before I head to college.

My next move is to apply as a transient student to VCU, meaning I will attend VCU for no more than two semesters before transferring my credits to MTSU. For VCU I still need to apply for admission, register for classes, and apply for housing. I need to visit VCU to turn in my application paperwork, which I must do before December, but hope to do this week, depending on my schedule and that of my father.

Regarding my application to MTSU, I may need to email back both the college and department of Recording Industry to receive separate letters of admission from each, or reapply if need be. Then I need to contact the Academic Common Market division in Virginia to request approval for in-state tuition for MTSU, as the reasons I am planning to MTSU are that it is located right outside Music City, but even more so because the Recording Industry, Audio Production major is not offered at any educational institution in Virginia.

Once I have non-degree-seeking enrollment at VCU, letters from the ACM, and both acceptance letters, I can move forward with my enrollment at MTSU. The first steps here would be to apply for housing and turn in the vaccination records required by MTSU. After that I wait until summer, when dates for MTSU's CUSTOMS orientation for fall 2017 are unveiled. At that point, I would apply to CUSTOMS, visit the university (possibly with my family), get a tour of the campus, and finally register on-site for my fall 2017 semester classes.

Aside from that, I should look past FAFSA's assistance for other scholarship, grant, and loan opportunities for college tuition. FAFSA's website includes several external links to other financial assistance opportunities, and I have bookmarked several others which may apply to me. Most require an application, essay, and are competitive, so there's no guarantee I'll get anything out of it, but it's worth the effort for the possibility of that assistance, especially if I end up paying for most or all of my education and other expenses.

Overall, it will be a lot of work to steer my life into formal education and away from home, but I know it will be worth all the effort to make the life I want to live for myself possible. The opportunities for volunteering and work as an audio engineer are already beginning to surface. Earlier today I went to 8:45 mass to lector, and after the mass I met a lady who used to participate in downtown theater productions and volunteered through the Richmond Neighbor to Neighbor organization. Certainly that will be a nice opportunity to work with an even larger pool of indiviuals and organizations to further my career in audio.

The photograph for this blog entry is of the Nativity Scene hosted by the Neighbor to Neighbor organization every December for the last five decades. Now I may have an opportunity to be an assistant sound engineer on this festive production.

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