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I was born in Mexico on a small indigenouse village of Oaxaca, Mexico. At the age of 3 my parents came to the US in search of a better life, at the age of 8 the decision of bringing my brother and me here was made by our parents. After that an interest in music came to me. in the year 2008 I started taking piano lessons and after 6 month I my mentor at the time had to make an emergency trave.  3 years later I wanted to learn some guitar and took lessons on guitar and after that i joined a local band as their percussionist.  After almost 2 years of being a percussionist I decided to get involved into the audio engineering world.  I started learning online about recording and the types of pa, and equipment.  In the year 2013 I graduated high school and began to work as a baker.  Two years passed on now on 2015 I decided to enroll into Recording Connection Audio Institue and there is where I am currently

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Ramiro Garcia

Pro tools!Posted by Ramiro Garcia on 2015-04-07

So far i have finished lesson 6 and I am becoming very excited to receive pro tools.  I have been working hard with Kevin at Cityview Recording Studio and learning everything I can from him as i watch him work... Read More >>