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Major: audio production

My name is Darrel Kidd, i\'ve gone thru various last names but this has been the one that has stuck with me majority of my life. But as far as education has gone i\'ve always been semi through college. My enitre life has been searching for something to get me through to be an audio engineer but due to lack of connections and my shyness that has yet to happen. 

At a young age i realized how important money was and due to my own actions i focused more on making money. To support my living and to grow a family then chase my dreams. As i got older i realized it wasn\'t a phase and being an engineer will always be something i need to make happen in my life, it was no longer just a hobby.

I\'m a father and husband who\'s goal is to support my family through music, that way i can live my dreams while crafting my children\'s.  

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Darrel Kidd

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