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Major: Recording

Ray Cole is a Voice Artist, Musician, Songwriter, and Engineer currently being mentored by Mark Sinko at Salmon Peak Studio in San Antonio Tx.  Ray has a number of Audiobooks and Charcter Work under his belt but felt that learning the art of Sound Engineering would up his game in the Vo World as well as open new opportunities in music, recording, live sound and media production.

Ray has recorded a number of Audio Books for Audible in the past couple of years, and is looking forward to more, as well as branching out into live, and recorded sound with musicians, Vo artists, and others.


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Raymond Cole

The 5 Year PlanPosted by Raymond Cole on 2015-02-03

As I was looking through the added extras of this RRF, part of the social networking side is this blog.  I was looking at the stay connected and the first assignment is to write a five year plan... Read More >>