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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Joseph Leger, and I am a student of the Recording Connection Audio Instute, studying audio engineering. I work and learn in a studio in San Antonio, Salmon Peak Recording, under the mentor Mark Sinko, an award winning producer with the title "Producer of the Year", and "Best New Studio". My history in music dates back 15 years, when I began my musical career by playing trombone in elementary, junior, and high school. I was a member of the Southeast Texas Youth Symphony (2001-2003), a state player, All-Region 1st chair. I also taught myself percussion and guitar through the years, and lead several bands in Texas to playing on 6th street in Austin, and multiple venues all over Texas under the management of Tammy Miranda Music Productions. I am currently pursuing an audio engineering education to further expand the ways I can provide quality music to the world. I dream of having my own studio and label, staff and amenities of providing a fantastic working environment for musicians to create their art. Unstuck Artists is the name of my brand, and no doubt with my hard work and dedication I'll be able to create the label and provide service to the music industry in a high quality and aesthetically pleasing environment. Being the high-energy person I am concludes that I am pursuing my masters equivalent, and very prepared to grind out every opening available to enter the scene with the maximum amount of experience and qualifications demanded and deserved by the paying artists, whose art I hope to bring to life in every situations own unique way.

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Joseph Leger

Week 1Posted by Joseph Leger on 2013-06-25

I am very interested to begin learning how to separate sounds in my head into an organized manner. Understanding how the frequencies are measured, travel, and are interepreted by the mind is a fascinating subject... Read More >>