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J Robinson Chapter 4: Connectivity Posted on 2014-04-13 by John Robinson

We discussed various types of cables from trs balanced and unbalanced cables (instrument cable) xlr (mic cable) TT tiny telephone cable (patch panel cable)  fire wire, RCA, dl, d sub, and elco etc. Learned how cables come in two three and multi pin conductors. Balance cables allow signal to travel at greater distance without degrading. Learned that mic level is -10 dB ( which is why there is a need for preamps and that pro audio level is +4 dB. Learned that digital cables transmit information in binary code not voltage. Most common are 96 point TT and 48 point TRS. Typically there are two row sections where the top row is output and the bottom is input depending on studio. We set up 4 common patch panel combinations and one combination that is growing in popularity. They are fully normalized, half normalized, parallel and the newest combination split

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