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J Robinson Chapter 5: Mics Posted on 2014-04-13 by John Robinson

We went over microphones which is a device that converts one form of energy into another form of energy. Discussed Alexander Bell again and how he is credited with inventing mic. Discussed the out dated carbon mic which is where it all started. I was introduced to the three common mics used in a studio; condenser dynamic and ribbon. My mentor suggest that there is actually 4 types which would be the tube mic, some consider this a ribbon mic though. I learned how to purchase or select the correct mic based on function or polar patterns. Things to consider in mic selection involve level of impedance signal to ratio and spl. Also I learned that the pad switch on a mic decreases output of mic which helps if mic is to hot, some mics have one setting while other high end mics can have multiple dB settings as well as a Hz selector switch. Dynamic mics are the cheapest mics and most sturdy. Condenser mics are in the middle and deliver better actual sound for say vocals but require 48v or phantom power. Ribbon and tube mics are the most expensive but of course have better quality than dynamic and condenser, on the flip side they are very sensitive as well handle with extreme caution. Talked about the shure 57 mic, the most common dynamic mic in recording studio, while the other three mics are more of your own preference.

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