Brent VassarSan Francisco Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

Growing up, all my parents played was The Eagles double live album. The mix of country, lite rock and toothless lyrics made me wonder if there was more out there. This kickstarted my journey to find good music. Fell in love with mid 80s hip hop. Got started playing in school band for 4 years with two drums. While not a lot of technical skill, the building of rhythm led directly to being a house DJ, and for the past 22 years. I have been lucky enough to play alongside some great DJs that i admire and at some venues I treasured. I started producing (if you can call that in the beginning) with Acid Pro, Reason 3 and now Reason 10.5. Mainly focusing on house music, but I also produce hip hop and trip hop/down tempo. Been fascinated with recording, mixing and mastering tracks for some time now. Felt that this school was the natural next step in my progression. I am eager to learn from anyone who wants to share.