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First Studio Session, January 30 Posted on 2015-02-03 by John Pieniazek

In my first session, Dick Orr and I laid the groundwork for coming sessions and discussed fundamentals of sound.  Dick has over 40 years experience in music and recording, over 15 years teaching, and is quite a guy.  He has great stories and I know I've only heard a few of the many to come.  Dick was around in the analog recording days and knows how things work.  Not just recording but how the equipment works, how it functions.  He has a great interest in electronics also.  Beginning our fourth session or so, I will choose a song, and I will learn to play, record, and mix each instrumental part. I will have a recording also to take away with me when it's all over.  Wow!  Talk about great experience!  I'm excited to say the least.  More to come...........

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