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Studio Session Posted on 2015-04-26 by Ashley Randall

Today I had my time in the studio. One of my mentors had a project for me to do, he told me to do hide and make inactive all the drum tracks in 12 songs that a client had made, and import the new drums that the client had made himself. He was surprised at how fast I got it done, and was happy with the results. Overall it brought me lots of practice with using Pro-Tools, and the hot-keys associated with it, and also practice with the various parts that Pro-Tools has. It was a really cool experience, and I enjoyed it very much.

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Ashley Randall

Studio TimePosted by Ashley Randall on 2015-06-04

Today my mentor got me to make a rough mix of the choir we had recorded live over the weekend. He got me to import all of the songs, organize them in the session, make markers, and finally make a rough mix for the client to review in the next few days... Read More >>