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Chapter 13 - Equilization Posted on 2015-05-05 by Ashley Randall

Today one of my mentors and I talked about Equilization. We talked about how drastically a song can be affected by EQ and how far you can go with it. I learned that there really is no limits to what you can do with it, which could be a good, or bad thing depending on your mix, and who you're mixing it for. We also talked about Mixing, and how you know you have a good mix, he said that if you close your eyes and can visually, and auditorily see each instrument in the mix, and where they are placed. Lastly, we talked about Compressors and Limiters, again how much it can help you in making a mix. We listened to a few different songs, and applied some EQ to them to play around with using it, and getting used to applying it to the mixes, and finally we practiced getting rid of Plosives through EQ. Overall, it was a very good lesson for learning what exactly EQ does, and how to apply it to the material you are working on. 

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Ashley Randall

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