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Chapter 14 - Dynamic Signal Processing Posted on 2015-05-14 by Ashley Randall

Today, I learned all about Compression, Gates, Limiters, Expanders, and Side- Chaining. I learned the differences between them, and also how to apply them. My mentor and I talked about how most Side- Chaining is done in electronic type music, and DJing. He talked about how easy it is to overdue alot of these things in mixes, and how careful you have to be to not make it sound over compressed. Overall, I learned a lot and I look forward to applying these aspects to my mixes.

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Ashley Randall

Studio TimePosted by Ashley Randall on 2015-06-04

Today my mentor got me to make a rough mix of the choir we had recorded live over the weekend. He got me to import all of the songs, organize them in the session, make markers, and finally make a rough mix for the client to review in the next few days... Read More >>