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Studio Time Posted on 2015-05-14 by Ashley Randall

Today I was given a project to do by my mentors. They gave me an old song by Queen that had no work done to it. My job was to clean up the tracks, rename them all, and make sure there wasn't any bleed in them. After I was done that, I had to make a mix, using only Gates, and Compression. Overall, it was a great project to try, and also great to practice applying Compression and Gates. I look forward to working on it more in my next session. 

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Ashley Randall

Studio TimePosted by Ashley Randall on 2015-06-04

Today my mentor got me to make a rough mix of the choir we had recorded live over the weekend. He got me to import all of the songs, organize them in the session, make markers, and finally make a rough mix for the client to review in the next few days... Read More >>