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Studio Lesson 10- Plugins & Processing Posted on 2015-07-29 by Braden Lerat

The lesson although good was the same, we talked, practiced key commands, etc.  The main event though was being able to record an artist.  I picked the microphones, techniques used, and the engineer was there more as a coach.  The artist did a acoustic guitar and vocal track.  I used a basic spaced pair for the guitar, a single microphone for the vocals, and another one for room ambience.  I liked what I did, but I did wish I used a microphone with a darker sound for the vocals, and something warmer for the guitar.  The setup itself was good, but I realize now that I need more practice with using the actual console. That will come with time though.  I was only able to get the recording done and I plan on mixing the song as I complete chapters within the course.   

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