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Studio Lesson 16- MIDI Posted on 2015-10-12 by Braden Lerat

It has come to my recent attention (via e-mail) that my recent blog entries have been sub-par with the content in them, so I could stick to my original formula and say what I have learned.  I'll probably do that as well, but seeing as this lesson was kept relatively short by my mentors, due to the fact that MIDI is something they do not really use to begin with.  We'll have to supplement with some of my previous knowledge.  In the actual lesson I didn't really learn anything I didn't really know already besides some of the electronics that are used in the devices themselves, so now the question stands where does one go from there.  Well the answer would seemingly be to learn music theory, and actually learn to play music.  If one has a basic understanding of music theory, or even how to play an instrument.  MIDI could be used to heighten the creative ability of that artist, by giving them an entire dictionary of sounds to play around with.

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