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Lesson 9 Protools Basics Posted on 2015-05-08 by Shawn Ens

I had my in class lesson on Chapter 9 yesterday.  During the lesson breiefly went over the instalation prosses of Protools, then moved on to the settings in the Preference window of Protools.  Brady Explained the Settings of the preference window it took us a good 40 minuted to got through them all.  After we were finished in the Preference menu we took a look at the Edit window and the mix window in a bit more depth and went over some basic quick keys with me aswell. We went over the buttons on the toolbar in the Edit window and he demonstraded their individual functions. Also he explained to me how some of the functions are geared more twardsthe Film Production Aspect of the program such as Nudge which allows to type in the sample rate and easily move a piece of audio a single frame whis is super convenient. im probably forgeting to mention a couple things but it was a very information packed lesson.  

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