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Lesson 10 Plugins & processing Posted on 2015-05-21 by Shawn Ens

I met up with Bradey at the studio last Wednesday May 13th for the chapter 10 lesson. The first thing we did was run through what a plugin is and what it does.   Plugins are various software components which allow you to effect a sound in some way. They work by using your internet browser and your computers plugins to run.  We didnt talk alot about the cunundrum with the plugin formats seeing as just starting out i dont have any extra plugins.  This problem will effect the proffesional studios more than anyone.  Next Bradey wanted to make shure that I undersstand the difference between an insert and a send.  A send goes to another channel strip and the amount of signal being sent can be changed with a fader bar. Whereas the insert sends through 100% of the sound.  Afterwards we went through the list of plugins that will be avalible for me on the student version of protools. We then talked about the assignment that i would be doing and what it all intails he told me it was a fairly difficlt assignment and we went through it briefly but over all he just told me to spent time on it and just have fun with it while trying new approaches.

I am sceduled for my midterm Friday May 22nd, and im reeeaaaaddyy YEEAH!

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