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Lesson 12 Mix theory Posted on 2015-06-04 by Shawn Ens

I completed my 12th studio lesson, mix theory on Monday June 1st.  In this lesson David Talked and i went over the mixing process briefly explaining that the mixing process isnt to complicated aslong as some of the following things are done.  he said tha tbefor you even reccord thing about what it is you are rccording.  Whatever it is that your recording thing about how all the pieces of the song sound together, and try and picture how you want it to sound. Then think about how your going to get the sound your looking for.  Once you know what your trying to accomplish its alot easier to focus on just getting it there.  David went on to say that mixig is a matter of masashiging the track to where you feel it is best and all the individual components of the mix are flowing together withan even contrast, depending on what you are looking to accomplish.



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