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Lesson 13 EQ Posted on 2015-06-10 by Shawn Ens

Equiolization was the lesson i had yesterday Monday June 8th.  During this lesson We about the difference between capacitors and inductors because that was the part of the chapter I had a little trouble with. Gerry explained that capacitors and inductors have opposite properties in commparison to each other, but by deffinition they both have parts of eachother within them.  he said that a conductor is basically two plats of metal with a space in between that when introduced to a charge the medium between the two plated holds that charge theoretically forever, but due to resistance it will lose the charge over a long while. Inductor are made up of a long wire coioled up.  This creates close gaps in the coiled wire that work kind of like copacitors holding a charge but only while the voltage through the conductor was present, after the conductors charge was no longer present the inductor would lose its charge.  Gerry explained that the use of capacitors combined with the inductors allowed phase cancelation which allowed signals to be sent in real time.  We the went into pro tools and took a visual look at the 7 band EQ to see what exavtlu was happening when EQ was Added to a Specific sound. we spent an hour messing around with different sounds which gave me a better understaning on what EQ acctually is.  I was also enlightened on certain equilizing techniques and had a good time doing it! 

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