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Lesson 14 Dynamic Signal Processing Posted on 2015-07-03 by Shawn Ens

On June 17th I had my chapter 14 lessson. I had this lesson with engeneer Brady Leduc.  When I First go there we discussed the difference between compressors and limiters just to make shure I had a good grasp on the concepts. I told him that compressors worked so squish the audie waveform together to eliminare peaks or any loud or unconsistant sectionns that may occur within the waveform wheather it is and snstrument of a vocal track.  Where as the limiter  doesnt let the sound go past a ceartain db level it is simply extreme compression. He then went over feedback which he described as the michrophone picking up what is being fed into it then having the output of that sound also being fed into the same mic creating a loop which can get very loud very fast.  We also went over how gates opperate. They work in a way that is the opposite of compressors, buy letting the sound above a set threshold pass through and minimize the frequencies below that threshold.  Whereas the compressor will let the signal below the threshold pass through and minimize the frequencies above the used defined threshold.  Brady demenstrated how everything worked through the plug ins on ProTools while describing it all to me so it was very easy to fallow along with the lesson. I learned alot and I am excited for the next lesson!

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