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Lesson 15 Time-Based Effects Posted on 2015-07-03 by Shawn Ens

Monday, June 22nd i went in for my chapter 15 lesson on time based effects. I had this lesson with Brady, and when I got there one of the first things we talked about was the difference between reverb and delay.  A delay is simply the signal you but in repeated at ceartain user defined time intervals, which is simmilar to an echo.  Where as a reverb is all of the sound wavs emining from a source bouncing off the walls of a room in all directions and sending them all throuout the room in every direction creating a multitude of delays all happening at once giving the sound a more ambiant feel and sonic characteristics. Brady Also Explained that a delay can also be atted to a sound to give it more depth if you ajust the delay tome to below 30 milliseconds.  We also talked aboiut the other time based effects and he demenstrated practical use of each one and ultametally how they worked. The first one we talked about ws choursing which is a dublicated version of a sound playing the same notes in two ovctaves giving it a fuller sound.  seccond we talked about feedback and how the Flanger utelizes it to create a smeared effect with the audio. I had fun with this lesson andit helped me alot thith applying effects to my mix assignment! looking forward to the next chapter.

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