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Lesson 16 MIDI Posted on 2015-07-17 by Shawn Ens

I had my 16th Lesson on MIDI on Friday the tenth.  In this lesson Brady began by wrighting out some binary codes and asked me to read them for him after he explaind how i picked it up pretty easily, After about 10 minutes of this we then hooked up a midi keyboard up to pro tools at the studio and then make and instrument track and recorded some MIDI just to go over how to hook it all up.  After this we explored all instrument options for virtual instruments Plugins which their are quite a few of.  we Went over what thinks like quantize do to a cluster of notes.  Quantize allows the notes you have regorded to conform the the grid, which can make ceartain theing sound lifeless or robotic.  Although other peramiters such as swing and randomize can work to make the audio sound more flawed and altumetally more realistic.  The final thing we dwelved into was how Pluggind like struckture Free Xpand And Boom work and how each one is good for accomplishing numerous different things.  Brady said he esepecially liked Xpand because it enables yout to combine numerous instruments and essentually creat a new one.  Sculpture free is also verry cool as it allows you to load sampes as patches and change the dinamic range and aslo combine two or more to arrive at a new sound, and then theire is boom which is a drumb sampling plug in where you can change the sample presets to whatever you desire. I had a lot of funm onthis lesson and am looking forward to the next lesson! 

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