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Lesson 17 Automation Posted on 2015-07-29 by Shawn Ens

My in class Automation lesson took place on friday the 17th of june with Brady Leduc.  We firstly went over the different Automation modes and and how they function. We also went through all the possibilities that automation makes possible. From something as simple as controlling volume at specific points within a session to controlling when a certain effect begins and ends and much much more. Virtually every perameter within pro tools has the ability to be automated. which makes creating desired effects that much easier, and faster.  After we finished discussing the possibilities with automation Brady and I went into to pro tools to put this knowledge to work. He demonstrated the use of automaion of volume on the flying faders wich as verry cool.  He let me mess around with different automation tasks for a good half hour also looking ad engaging Automation on plug ins as well. I had used automation on Pro Tools before but this chapter had really clarified alot of the functions and possibilities that come with it. I learned Alot this lesson and am ready for the next one!  

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