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Lesson 18 Acoustics And Monitoring Posted on 2015-07-29 by Shawn Ens

Yesterday Monday July 28th, David Puls had me in the studeo of the Accoustics Chapter.  This was a Verry interesting Chapter for Me Because I am very interested in Room accoustics as I am trying to creat a home studio Environment.  When I first arrived at the studio David And I Went over the test I had brought in and corrected my mistakes and eliminating any confution I had with the questions.  David Explained that differnt rooms in the studio required differnt types of accoustical treatments.  For Example he said the vocal booth typically works to absorb sound effectivly eliminating the room in the frccording.  Meaning that sound from the walls does not bounce back and allow reverberations to depict the space in which it was recorded, but instead greatly reduces reverberations so that in the DAW you can atrifitially creat your own space that will fit into the mix the best.  Next we looked at the live room which is designed accoustically to have alot of the rooms reverb present which effectivly allows the engineer to capture the a nice blend of the band performing and the natural reverb of the musical piece being played with the help of specific micing techniques.  Daved also stated that he designed the room to have a veriety of differnt capabilitys depending on what he was tryin gto capture.  Lastly we talked anout how sound waves travel and how you can place accoustical foam absorbers, and diffusers to benifit the space in which you are listening to music.  He gave Me alot of good tips and suggestions and helped me better understand the characteristics of accoustics this lesson tough me so much and im looking forward to the last couple to come!    

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