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Lesson 19 Mastering Posted on 2015-08-18 by Shawn Ens

My Last Lesson on Chapter 19 was on Friday the 14th of August.  Brady and I Talked first about what the Mastering engineer is supposed to accomplish.  The Mastering Engineer will put the finishing touches on a song by making suttle changes to frequencies, and the sonic characcteristics of a song.  Ultimatelly Making it sound more Pleasing to the ears.  We also covered the loudness war as we talked anout how the louder something is doesnt make it better in alot of cases, because over compression can hinder the dynamic range. Furthermore making a song to louder can cause destortion.  After talking for a while Brady and I went into Pro tools and he showed me some of his Mastering tricks The DAW and also talked to me anout how he Would approach matering an album.  He also went onto a different Daw that he uses more often for mastering and mastered a song that he was previously working on. Which was really cool to watch. overall i learned a ton of information and had a great last Lesson!    

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