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Chapter 16 (My adventures with Bruce at Boho Digitalia Studios) Posted on 2016-05-11 by Devin Hannesson

MIDI was an intersting chapter. It was really neat learning that most scores for movies are written on MIDI before they hire a full orchestra to record. 

I'm super stoked on starting my MIDI project, which is to write a song using MIDI. Growing up I LOVED messing around with Garage Band and their pre-written samples to make songs, so I think this MIDI project is going to be really cool!

Since I'm trying to get into the metal/hardcore scene as a producer, MIDI is really important to understand, becuase drums are very often written in MIDI. Sometimes bands don't even use their drummer in the studio, they just use MIDI! Which is pretty cool technology-wise, but a bit depressing, since it's fake...

Anyways, not much else to say for this chapter, I'm going in for my Chapter 17 review tomorrow!


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