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Major: Audio Engineering

Zach has developed a passion for music ever since a young age. From playing the recorder in elementry school to teaching himself the keyboard, the fire continues to grow to surround himself with music. He became interested in the engineering aspect of music at the age of 14 when he first started to write his own music, he quickly realized he needed a way to record his songs, so he set out to buy his first mic and M-box, by watching videos on Youtube he slowly learned how to mix his songs and make them sound somewhat listenable. Each day he learned a little more and more and the passion began to grow and came to a point where he decided he wanted to learn how to engineer professionally. Zach is currently a student at The Recording Connection and is learning under Mike Johnson in Clearwater, Fl. Zach lives by the motto "S.F.A.B" Strive. Focus. Achieve. Believe. Zach is a big believer in doing what makes you happy and chasing your dreams, also he is a big believer in working hard for what you want and with the right amount of passion and effort you can accomplish anything you want in life.

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Zach Morin

Lesson 3Posted by Zach Morin on 2013-04-04

Hello world, Lesson three was a great lesson. It was the introduction to digital audio basics. I learned all about quantization, dither and the binary number system... Read More >>