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Major: Audio Engineering/Music Production

My name is Dillon Abell. I have lived in Tucson, Arizona my whole life, and I am 21 years young. My passion for music has been apparent to me since I was a small child buying new and old CDs from used record stores just to hear something new. In Middle and High School I played in the school band and very much enjoyed being a percussionist. During High School around the age of 14 I taught myself how to play the guitar and joined a band. Since then I have expanded so much as a musician and music lover and I do not ever intend to stop expanding my knowledge and love for music. I am still in a band today known as Desert Fish. We have heavy reggae and rock influences and enjoy playing as many gigs as possible. Over the years I have learned to play the bass guitar, ukulele, piano, drum set and guitar and violin might be next on the list, who knows! The possibilites are endless and that is the number one thing I love about music. The possibilities are always endless.

As a future Audio Engineer and hopefully Music Producer I want to work with many talented artists, voice actors, and anything else the world will throw at me, and give any help or knowledge that I have back to them. I plan to also work on my own career as a musician and get my name out into the music industry. As I said before, music is my passion and I do not intend to slow down any time soon.

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Dillon Abell

Mastering/Final Blog!Posted by Dillon Abell on 2015-08-07

Wow, I cannot believe that my final blog has already arrived! It is true what they say, time flies when you're having fun, and I definately had some fun! To touch on the last lesson, mastering, this is an area of audio production similar to mixing that is very ambiguous... Read More >>

Dillon Abell

Acoustics and MonitoringPosted by Dillon Abell on 2015-08-07

The study of acoustics, or the way sound is produced and moves through the environment, it a very antient study indeed! People have been making discoveries relating to sound for centuries, and although we have learned an immense amount of information, we still have much to learn on the subject... Read More >>