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Chapter 2: Basic Electronics Posted on 2015-08-13 by Alexa Cooper

I have chosen to write my blogs in a different structure than recommended. I have also chosen to stretch out my time with my internship as per recommended by my student advisor. Here I am with merely a couple chapters left until completion of the course. Whilst here I am… writing my blog for chapter two: Basic Electronics.

I originally felt strange about not writing my blogs alongside with the chapters, but now as I revisit the chapters to write about them I am able to perceive the massive amounts of growth and understanding I have experienced in the past year. Approximately four months ago I was hired on to begin a career that I had no idea I would absolutely love. I’ve become an Audio Visual Technician, building stages and setting up the audio, lighting and video equipment for major celebrities as well as smaller conference gatherings.

Through this job, coupled with my internship, I’ve been able to see first hand the importance of understanding basic electronics and its relationship to a functioning studio or performance. Signal flow! It’s all about the flow and how that flow works and interacts with itself. I’ve now had the pleasure of setting up two major music festivals – Pemberton Music Festival as well as Squamish Valley Music Festival. Without electricity… there isn’t much of a show to put on. Not to mention the stellar lights we set up in the trees in the public areas and in the artist lounge for awesome people like Missy Elliot to enjoy.

Understanding things like Voltage and Current are MANDATORY for not only a functional show, but to keep everybody alive! Nobody wants to fry a super expensive video wall anyway. This chapter covers the basics, but sets up solid groundwork to build the knowledge necessary to create a safe and solid work environment. Thanks RRF.

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