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Fifteenth studio session Posted on 2015-02-24 by Aaron Matson

For this weeks session michael gave me a lesson on time based effects. Most conventional effects are created with some kind of phasing or delay. I sat in on a recording session on a Taylor Swift cover project with second engineer Trevor working with a talented female vocalist. There was a complex amount of vocal layering on the original recordings so they had to do an extraordinary amount of vocal tracks and takes to recreate the sounds. It came together quickly and i assisted with correcting a vocal line that i had heard missing semi-tone in the progression. There was alot of delay on the vocals which was added to the signal after tracking for the most freedom in controlling the feedback of the delay. I was shown how to auto-tune vocals with the antares auto-tune pitch correcting plugin. I auto-tuned two tracks for a record by the band "Fan Halen"

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