Alex VenneVictoria Recording Connection

Major: Audio-Engineering

Alex Venne .a.k.a. Dj MerlinFX as been into music all is life.

At the tender age of 16 year old,Alex already knew tabs reading and writing.

Alex already had fiddled with a few instruments, settle for the easy going and smooth round sound of the bass guitar.

I found myself in a little rancher house outside of Montreal, recording bits on tascam tape recorder with friends and band members .Recording loops on a reel to reel station on my free time inbetween school and work. That is the first taste of real recording ,that i would get and would be enough to hook me for life.
After a couple of years. I got re-located to Vancouver B.C.. Where,in 1999, got introduced to turntablism.

Loved it, could'nt get enough,i was once again in love. But this time, with a somewhat New and different sound,Drum & Bass

Got all my savings and got my first turntables and mixer . Armed with a couple stacks of record. and a first generation pentium computer. I set out to make my first Dj Demo. That same demo got me the attention,of a promotor. Witch now,is all water under the bridge. I moved to Victoria summer 2000 and started a resedency at the legendary Hush nightclub,here i got to play live every week for the major part of 5 years. Merlin FX was born,forging himself the reputation of hardest worker in the scene(at the could found him everyday postering, flyering,promoting events and festival. MerlinFx had the chance of seeing the inception of what became a very healthy electronic music scene here in Victoria.

Now after a few years of experimenting in all facette of music production,under a few different alias.

MerlinFX is now ambarquing in yet is most ambisious project. After spending the last few years ,building and forging the New studio and sound that is MerlinFX.Check out my new sound and follow on all major social media network. MerlinFX as always been a part of the scene and now is moving one step closer to is dream!

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