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1st Advanced Session Posted on 2016-05-26 by Brian Powers


In this session John and I worked with Sam, a producer, and Tyler, the artist, on two Pop tracks that Tyler was laying vocals on.  John imported the tracks from Sam's hard drive and created one audio track and three Aux inputs(Slap Delay, Plate Reverb and Multi FX).  For the Multi FX input John used the Manny Marroquin Plug-in which has many options(Reverb, Doubler, Phaser and Delay).  John told me when it comes to Pop vocals you can really get creative with your use of Multi FX as long as you don't go overboard.  Tyler ran through each song twice then Sam went in the booth with Tyler to help him nail the song section by section.  Lots of harmonies and stacks lead to an impressive 24 tracks of vocals by the time we were done.  John likes to stack ever part three times so he can leave the middle dry and have effects on the left and right.  John showed me a trick where he used a HP filter set to 400Hz on the left and right vocals and then turned up the reverb send almost 3/4 of the way up.  That gave the vocals punch in the front and the reverb just floated around it.  Lastly John showed me how to quickly move a section containing 12 to 18 vocal tracks by using the Region Group keeping all the vocal parts together and in time.  

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