Jonathan Penawaterbury Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer/Music Producer

Hi, My name is Jonathan Pena also know as J.Pen. I have been in love with music ever sense my older cousin let me listen to my first rap tape. I as around 8 years old when i hear N.W.A for the first time and i was just blown away. Raised in a spanish home where my mom did not like english music in the house and my dad loved all kinds he would let me listen in the car. I picked up my first microphone at 12 when i seen a few older guys in NYC freestyleing on a corner. Around that same time i was already listen to hip hop and loving it. Jadakiss has been my favorite rapper of all time. i love listen to 2pac, nas, eminem, the lox, biggie, big l, big pun, Dr.Dre, and a few new rappers like J cole. A rapper is all i wanted to be for years until i hit 25. i already had got and sold two home studios. My wife and son which are my biggest supports asked me why i dont do both like alot of the famous rappers i look up to. Now im 31 and can say this is what i was born for and what i want to do for the rest of my life. like my tattoo says ONLY MUSIC MAKES SENSE, I take this to heart because music really make sense and help everyone and also has help me with the lose of friends and family that i know are proud of me for folllowing my dream. Who would of thought a Dominican from waterbury ct that has problem reading and written would be on his way to the top. I can say with a smile on my face i have never gotten straight A in school ever i mean never until now. Straight A's. Guess my teachers where right when i find something i love it will show in my grades. I tell my 12 year old son if i can find what makes me happy and get straight A's he can give me A's and Bs in school ill even take a couple of C's. This is everything about me. i ware my heart on my sleeve and im not afard to learn from my mistakes.