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Lesson 1 (Sound and Hearing) Posted on 2017-05-29 by Justin Hardman

     My name is Justin Hardman and I am doing my Recording Connection lessons at Colorado Sound Studios in Westminster, CO under the mentor Steve Avedis.  Learning in the studio is super exciting because of the history of the studio and the talent of my mentor.  

     Steve Avedis has been a premier Recording Engineer/Producer in Denver since 1980. Steve has Engineered/Produced for: MCA, Capitol, Columbia, Arista, Sony, and Jive Records along with numerous independents across the world. With over 30 years of experience and well over 500 albums and CDs to his credit, Steve brings a wealth of expertise, professionalism and a progressive attitude to any recording. Some projects include: Tony Bennett, *NSYNC, Kenny Rogers, 10-time Grammy nominee Peter Kater, Eric Trafas “After the Fact” featuring Dave Larue and Van Romaine, Emmy Award Winning “We Are Voices”, Corezero, Chris Daniels, Al Hood, Hazel Miller as well as many other local and regional favorites

     Colorado Sound Studios in Westminster, CO was founded in 1977 and has provided top quality recording services for local artists, national artists and businesses.  Just a short list of some of the artists the studio has worked with are: The Lumineers, Eminem, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Mumford & Sons, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Styx, The Doors, and a whole lot more.  It's exciting to be learning in a studio who have worked with some of my favorite bands.

     Lesson one was in Studio B.  It was an exciting lesson because not only did we just go over the contents from the first chapter from the book, I got to get my hands on Pro Tools the very first day.  While going over both Chapter 1 and 2, my mentor Steve showed examples of how sound reflects off different surfaces and how different matterials in wires affect the sound quality in recording.  After the chapter overviews I got to start working with equalization in protools.  He showed me how you can use High Pass and Low Pass to get the type of sound you are wanting.  He also showed me how you want to setup your sounds in a 3D space in your head before you start so when someone listens to your edit they can hear where certain instruments are.

     Looking forward to next week where Steve will look over some of the edit I've done with the music that was provided at the end of Chapter 1.

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