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Lesson 2 (Basic Electronics) Posted on 2017-06-09 by Justin Hardman

     Lesson 2 was another exciting lesson.  I'm still gettting used to going and spending time in a professional recording studio.  This chapter was a little shorter so after we did our lesson review, we had extra time to go over a mix I had been working on.  I was using Pro Tools First to do some basic EQ and panning on the song Much too Much which was one of the songs provided in my Recording Connections text book.  Since I was just using Pro Tools First I was unable to bring my session file but I did export the audio so Steve could compare it to the original files.  He imported the wave files and started to show me different types of key board short cuts to make my productivity much faster.  He also went over how you don't always want to over EQ especially if the recorded audio was well recorded.

     The next lesson I get to sit in on a vocal tuning for a client Steve has been working with.  Super excited to already get to see my mentor work after 2 weeks.  I'm going to redo my mix of Much too Much for next week with the new information that I learned this week and see how much better I can make it.  Can't wait to get my Pro Tools from Recording Connections so I can bring my session files to my lesson so Steve can see exactly what I did.

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