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Lesson 3 (Digital Audio) Posted on 2017-06-09 by Justin Hardman

     Lesson 3 was all about Digital Audio and all the different types of recording equipment was used in the past.  The cool thing about working with Steve who has been working in this buisness for over 30 years is that he has worked with all of these equipments at least once.  He was able to tell me all the pros and cons of all the equipment and all the evolutions leading up to what we use now.  Also we went over how the patch bay works.  This lesson was in Studio A so we got to go hands on which made it so much easier to learn.

     After my lesson, Steve had a vocal tuning appointment with a client he had been working with that I was going to be sitting in on.  We had a couple of minutes before the client arrived so Steve started to show me how to use the Melodyne plugin to tune each individual note of the vocal preformance.  Once the client arrived, he was able to make sure that Steve was tuning the notes to the place the singer wanted it to be.  It was a great experience for me because I was able to see how I would work with a client.  At the end of the day the client is paying you so great customer serivce is very important.  Especially if you would like repeat buisness.

     For next week I'll be doing the month to month version of Pro Tools 12 so I'll be able to bring my session files of the songs I'm working for Steve to see exactly what I'm doing right and wrong. 

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