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Lesson 5 (Microphones) Posted on 2017-06-29 by Justin Hardman

     Lesson 5 was a really fun lesson for me because we got to spend a good chunk of my lesson working on Pro Tools.  I have been working on some of the tracks that have been provided by Recording Connections and we usually spend the last short part of my lesson to kind of look over what I've done for that week.  This week we got to spend a lot more time discussing what I've done.  Steve showed me better ways to keep from overloading my master track and we went over better ways to pan certain tracks to get a much better stereo sound.

     Anytime I we can work on Pro Tools is a fun day for me.  Working on Pro Tools at home is always fun even though I don't know how to do a whole lot.  Next week we are going into a lot more depth on microphone placements.  Also I'll be sitting in on my first all 10 hour Recording Session.  Should be a really fun week.

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