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Lesson 6 (Microphone Placement) Posted on 2017-07-03 by Justin Hardman

     This week was by far the most exciting week for me since starting Recording Connections.  Not only did we spend a good amount of time on microphone placement, I got to sit in on my first 10 hour long recording session in the studio.  Steve was recording a local heavy metal band that he was also helping to produce for.  The recording session was recording vocals, to electric guitars, an electric bass, drum set, and a string quartet.  They also paid to have someone shoot video of them recording for a music video for promotion.  Being able to be there for this was an awesome learning experience.

     When I first got to the recording studio we powered everything up and setup all of the track we would need in Pro Tools.  After that, we setup all the mics for the drum set before the band got there.  Once the band got there and everyone was ready to go, Steve did a couple of takes as a live recording with the whole band playing together.  After noticing some timing issues, Steve had the band come listen to what they had and asked what they would like to do to try and help with the timing.  They ended up deciding to record the first rhythm guitar and drum set to a click track to lay down a first track for everyone else to record on top of.  After Steve fixed some other timing issues in Pro Tools, he recorded everyone else one at a time.

     This experience was so great because I really learned a lot.  This just solidified that I for sure want this to be my profession for the rest of my life.  I also learned how important time management and good rapport with the band is.  Every week I'm excited to learn more about this field so I may one day be able to run my own recording session and work in a studio.  I look forward to what I get to learn next week.

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