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Lesson 7 (Tracking) Posted on 2017-07-09 by Justin Hardman

     This week's lesson was a great review of everything I got to see during the recording session last week.  It was perfect timing because it was still fresh in my memory so we got to talk about how everything went.  We talked about how to always be prepared for anything and being able to quickly adjust to what's happening in the session.  If you are 100% prepared then nothing should really throw you off or slow you down too much.  There are always things that can come up that you never expected, but remaining calm and professional really helps keep the session from falling apart and moving forward.

     We also got to spend some time with Pro Tools working on the songs I've been working on.  We got to go over how to use sends and buses a little more in depth this week.  It really helped because I was having trouble getting control out of reverb using buses to an Aux Track, and also the panning of those tracks with the buses.  We also worked on how to edit a wave form to fixing timing errors to make the tracks sound more together.  I'm going to keep practicing all I've learned so far and I can't wait to learn more.

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